USAFIS – Don’t Miss Your Chance to Move to America!

The mission of USAFIS is to help people who are interested in entering the U.S. Green Card Lottery. Many people from countries all over the world want to move to the United States, but they don’t know how to make it happen. USAFIS.ORG is here to help make it happen for you. We want to make your dream a reality and help you get into the Green Card Lottery.

Why We’re Here

USAFIS knows that many people are disqualified from the Green Card Lottery because they don’t follow the requirements of the application. If the application is not filled out properly, you will automatically be disqualified from the Lottery, and you may never know why. USAFIS has worked with Green Card Lottery applicants for over 15 years, and we have learned the main reasons that people are disqualified from the Green Card Lottery are:

  • Job and educational requirements do not meet the U.S. standards
  • Application was submitted after the cut-off day
  • Native country was entered that does not qualify for the program
  • Photos are submitted incorrectly
  • Parts of the application are left blank
  • Applications are not submitted through the E-DV correctly
  • Important information was left off the application

The Process

USAFIS.ORG has helped many, many applicants over the last 15 years. Throughout the world, we are the number one service provider used by Green Card Lottery applicants. Here is the five-step process for the Green Card Lottery:

1. Registration
Before you can apply for the Green Card Lottery, you will need to make sure you are eligible for the program. You must be from a country that qualifies, and you need either two years of job experience in certain occupations or education from high school. Therefore, we first have you take a brief eligibility test so you will know if you even qualify for the program.

2. Application
Once it is determined that you qualify for the Green Card Lottery, you will need to fill out the application. This is the first phase of the official process and also the most difficult. There are language barriers and misunderstandings about the correct way to fill in the information. The USAFIS customer service agents will help you with the application.

3. Photo
Photos must be submitted with the application, and they must be sent in the correct format. We will help you with this as well.

4. Submission
Now that you have everything you need to apply, it’s time to submit it to the U.S. Government. However, we will check over everything first to make sure you have not omitted any important information or put incorrect information on the application. We will verify that there are no errors.

5. Selection
The final step is the selection process. Unfortunately, the United States government does not contact Green Card Lottery participants to let them know if they were selected. Since you work with USAFIS.ORG, however, we will contact you to let you know the outcome of your application.

The Advantage of USAFIS

The staff at USAFIS does their best to ensure that applicants get through the first Green Card Lottery obstacle – the application. We will walk through the process with you and make sure that you have the very best chances to have your application approved so you can immigrate to the United States as soon as possible!

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