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  • edok countless opportunities, Diversity Visa, Diversity Visa Lottery, United States, USAFIS, visa application - 16 June 2017
    How it feels to win the visa lottery?

    In one word: amazing. In a few words: It's a life-changing event that opens the door to countless opportunities.    
  • hero green card lottery, green card\\\, United States, USAFIS, visa application - 16 June 2017
    Many People Apply for a Green Card Every Year?

    Around 10 million to about 14 million apply for Green Card Lottery every year.  
  • Angel customers, green card lottery, United States, USAFIS, visa application - 16 June 2017
    How I Know if I am a winner of Green Card Lottery?

    When they are selected as winners, USAFIS notifies it's customers, so they can continue the process.  
  • Mukhtar american citizen, greed card, green card lottery, U.S. Lottery, United States - 15 June 2017
    How can i become American Citizen?

    There are two main ways: apply for a Green Card through sponsorship, such as through marriage or apply for a Green Card through the U.S. Lottery.
  • Edin forms, green card lottery, immigrants, United States, USAFIS - 15 June 2017
    Why should i trust USAFIS?

    USAFIS helped approximately 250,000 immigrants fill out necessary paperwork over over fifteen years, so they will be able to apply for the Green Card Lottery.    
  • Cesar green card lottery, U.S. consul, United States, USAFIS - 14 June 2017
    If i win the Green card lottery, what happens?

    If you win the Green Card Lottery, you go to the next step - an interview with a U.S. consul.  
  • Hershale green card lottery, green card\\\, United States, USAFIS, visa application - 13 June 2017
    Why Should I Enter the Green Card Lottery?

    It's simple. If you would like to be and American citizen, you should start the visa application process as soon as possible.
  • anonymous green card lottery, green card\\\, high school education, USAFIS, work experience - 13 June 2017
    What Requirements are necessary in the American Green Card Lottery?

    If you got at least two years of work experience in a certain occupation or a high school education, as well as being a native of a qualifying country, you can try and get yourself a Green Card.
  • Sergi Canada, Diversity Visa Lottery, DV Lottery, green card\\\, USAFIS - 12 June 2017
    What Requirements for the DV Lottery?

    The two things required in order to participate in the DV Lottery are being born in a country that is eligible to participate in the Diversity Visa Lottery and meeting either the job experience or educational requirements.
  • Mohamed Consular procedure, DV Lottery, Legal Services, US Immigration, USAFIS - 10 June 2017
    What Are the Legal Services USAFIS Provide?

    To prepare its DV Lottery winners for a new life in the States, USAFIS use a program in cooperation with a an experienced US Immigration team of lawyers who assist USAFIS clients during the Consular procedure.
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