Over 209,000 US Jobs Created in July 2017

America is on the right path economically since President Trump took command of the Oval Office, which has resulted in the addition of 209,000 jobs in July 2017. The economists did not expect this great of a number and the new unemployment rate of 4.3% matched a low from sixteen years ago.

Considering the unemployment rate after 2009’s Great Recession was 10%, this was exceptional news. USAFIS has helped thousands of foreign nationals get moved to the United States.

The term “full-employment” means the United States has neared its capacity to offer employment. The economists believe the country has reached that level and the unemployment rate will now remain consistent.

DWOne of the biggest strengths in the economy of the United States is the job market. As of July 2017, the market has achieved solid growth for 82 months straight. The wage growth has not fared as well, however, with a growth of only 2.5%. The Federal Reserve hopes to see this rate increase to 3.5%.

Trump’s administration has seen a staggering 1.07 million jobs added to the economy and this growth was influenced by a variety of factors .USAFIS is an independently-owned immigration service that can provide you with the information you need to move to the U.S. to find new work opportunities.

The growth of 53,000 new employees was seen in the restaurant and bar industries. The field of healthcare continued its growth with 39,000 new positions, and manufacturing firms trailed the pack by hiring an additional 16,000 workers. The industries of mining and business services also added more workers.

More Americans are looking for work and, depending on the unemployment rate and wage growth, this trend is expected to continue. Contact USAFIS today for more information about applying to live in the United States of America!