5 Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration to the United States through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program involves a competitive process that must be done correctly at each stage of the procedure to have the highest likelihood of a successful outcome.

hammer-719066_640In order to take part in the DV-Lottery,
a person must be born in a country that is eligible to participate, meet the educational or work experience criteria, and correctly prepare and submit his/her application and photo(s) to the DV-Lottery during the registration period. Out of the millions of people who register for the DV-Lottery annually, approximately 100,000 winners are selected to have the chance to apply for one of the 50,000 Diversity Visas authorized to be issued each year.

Not everyone who wins the DV-Lottery will be granted a Diversity Visa, since there are more winners than there are Diversity Visas available, plus many winners get disqualified during the Consular Interview stage. DV-Lottery winners and their eligible family members who pass the Consular Interview and are issued a Diversity Visa may then immigrate to the United States to live, work or study long-term as US permanent residents.

At various points of the US immigration process, an applicant can get disqualified for mistakes made during the procedure. This is why thousands of people pay for the professional services of companies like the USAFIS Organization and the experienced US immigration lawyers that it collaborates with.

The experts at USAFIS make sure that the applications and photos of its clients comply with the official regulations before submission to the DV-Lottery. USAFIS also makes it easy for clients to update their applications and photos; offers convenient multiple-year submissions; and promptly contacts its thousands of DV-Lottery winners.

USAFIS clients who are selected as DV-Lottery winners may also enjoy several advantages from the services of the US immigration lawyers it works with. These advantages include correct completion and submission of forms and documents; expert guidance during the procedure; preparation for the Consular Interview; answering questions about the process; and helpful information about moving to America. In short, USAFIS simplifies the procedure of properly applying for a US Diversity Visa.