Alabama Auto Plant to Create 4,000 New Jobs in the USA


Toyota and Mazda, Japanese automakers, announced plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Alabama that will employ close to 4,000 people. Several states competed for the project, which will produce 300,000 vehicles annually. It will see the production of a new Mazda SUV and the Toyota Corolla. The company will be built in the Huntsville area not far from the Tennessee border. The project is expected to begin by 2021. Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama governor, thanked Toyota and Mazda for believing in the people’s potential. “Welcome to sweet home Alabama,” she said. To take advantage of the job opportunities opening in the U.S., contact USAFIS. They will assist you in obtaining the needed visas to live and work in the United States.

Alabama offered an incentive package for investment rebates and tax abatements of $370 million. Not included in that amount is a local incentive package, which is still being finalized. The state agreed to provide workforce training. President of Toyota Motors, Akio Toyoda, said the facility is like a homecoming since Toyota already has a plant in the state, fourteen miles from the new facility. USAFIS is a group of trained experts who can answer any questions about immigration you may have. They will help you file the needed applications for immigration.

Foreign-based automakers are creating a trend in building factories in the southern part of the U.S. The states are using a combination of low-cost labor, lucrative incentive packages, and a pro-business labor environment. The United Auto Workers Union is much stronger in the northern part of America. Tennessee and Alabama tied as the fifth-largest producer of vehicles in the U.S. As more companies relocate to the U.S., jobs will be available. Contact USAFIS to hurry along the immigration process for you and your family.

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2. How many vehicles will be produced annually?
3. When the project is expected to begin?
4. How did the governor greet the automakers?” block_title_back=”These are the answers:” block_desc_back=”1. Mazda and Toyota.
2. 300,000 vehicles.
3. 2021.
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