The American Dream – How to Become an American Citizen

Here at USAFIS, we talk to people everyday who have the dream of becoming a citizen of the United States. Many of them don’t truly understand what it means to “be an American.”

We know that it’s more than just getting a passport, or sponsoring a family member, or voting. American citizens enjoy the benefits of living in a country that has a great heritage, lofty ideals, unlimited resources, and the privilege to move forward as one of the most powerful countries on the Earth.

How to Apply for a Green Card

There are two main ways to become an American citizen:

  • Apply for a Green Card through sponsorship, such as through marriage
  • Apply for a Green Card through the U.S. Lottery

To apply through the U.S. Lottery, you submit an application to the Diversity Visa Lottery program that provides 50,000 residency cards (to new permanent residents of the United States) each year. To apply through sponsorship, there are some options available to you, depending on your situation:

  • If you are married to an American citizen, or closely related to one, they can sponsor you through one of many types of visas.
  • There are 140,000 employer sponsorship visas awarded each year. In order to be eligible, an employer must receive a Labor Certification Approval from the U.S. Department of Labor. This is referred to as Employer Sponsorship.



Five Types of Employer Sponsorship U.S. Visas

  1. Under the employer sponsorship, there are five types of U.S. visas that are available, depending on your specific circumstances:
  2. Employment First Preference – This type of visa is for experts in their fields, professors, researchers, multinational managers, or executives with at least three years of experience who have international recognition.
  3. Employment Second Preference – These visas are for professionals who hold advanced degrees and are experts in their field.
  4. Employment Third Preference – These visas are for people who are skilled or unskilled workers, or experts in their field.
  5. Employment Fourth Preference – This type of visa is for special immigrants, such as those from Iraq or Afghanistan.
  6. Employment Fifth Preference – This type of visa is for immigrant investors.


Here at USAFIS, we know how hard it can be to understand all of the U.S. visas that are available and how to get into the Green Card Lottery. That’s why we want to help you get on the right track. Contact us today to see how USAFIS can help you!