USAFIS: America’s Top 10 Best Jobs Right Now

Glassdoor recently published their annual report “50 Best Jobs in the U.S.” This report was based on data from their own website and the job openings that were available in January 2017. The jobs on the report were determined by three factors: number of jobs available, earning potential, and job satisfaction rating.

The first job to rank on the list is a data scientist. There were 4,184 job openings and the median base pay is $110,000. In the #2 position is a DevOps engineer. This position had a median base pay of $100,000. USAFIS wants to help take the stress out of the immigration experience; contact them today to get started!

REHThe third job to rank on the list is a data engineer, which had 2,599 openings, and has a median base pay of $106,000. Fourth is a tax manager, which had 3,317 job openings on Glassdoor, and has an annual pay of $110,000.

In fifth place is an analytics manager position, which had 1,958 job openings and has a median base pay of $112,000.

An HR manager position came in 6th place with 4,339 openings and an annual pay of $85,000. Glassdoor had 2,877 openings for a database administrator, placing it in the 7th rank of best jobs. The base annual pay is $93,000.

A strategy manager position falls in 8th place with 1,184 job openings and an annual median base pay of $130,000.

In ninth place is a UX designer with 1,691 job openings, and a median base salary of 92,500. Finally, a solutions architect comes in tenth place with 2,323 jobs open as of January 2017, and a base pay of $125,000.

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