FAQ About the Application

What information does the application require?

You will need to provide the city and country you were born in, country of eligibility and education and marital status. Beyond that, you obviously need to give you address, full name, phone number, date of birth, email and gender. The application requires you to provide all the information about your kids and spouse.

The Green Card application requires you to fill all the biographical information of your children and of your current or former spouse, even if they don’t plan to move to the U.S. with you.

Do I have to include my children’s information on the application?

All single children under the age of 21 must be included. This includes children of a spouse, adopted children, and children from a previous marriage.

Can me and my spouse apply separately?checklist-911841_640

If both partners meet the eligibility requirements, yes.

Do all family members listed on the application have to move to the USA also? 


How can I upload photos to the USAFIS website?

Use your username and password to log in and then watch the photo uploading tutorial.

If a client is moving, can he/she change their personal details online?

Clients can always update their personal information if they have their unique username and password. If a client relocates , it is very important for him/her to update USAFIS: When a client wins the lottery, it is the only way to let him know.