LinkedIn Lists the Top 50 Places to Work in the USA

The 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies report represents the companies where professionals most want to be employed across the United States. Statistics were taken from over 546 million professionals (146 million in the U.S.) who represented respected innovators and brands and attract huge attention by job seekers all over the world. The list of companies is based on the actions of LinkedIn members and looks at four main things: engagements with the company’s employees, interest in the company, employee retention, and job demand. If you are considering relocating for work in the U.S., contact USAFIS. They can help you through the Green Card Lottery and U.S. immigration process.

The number one company for 2018 is Amazon. This Seattle-based company is the second-largest private employer in America. This company’s offline presence is on the rise as well, due to the purchase of Whole Foods and the new cashier-less stores, Amazon Go. Alphabet (an IT & services company) comes in second place. The largest division of Alphabet is Google. Coming in third is Facebook with its 25,100 employees. The company is worth more than $500 billion and increased its employees by 47 percent last year. Salesforce ranks fourth on the Top Companies list. This cloud-based business software giant employees 30,000 workers. The Salesforce employee count is 35 percent minorities. Tesla, ranked fifth, received 500,000 job applications in 2017. They employ 37,000 people and have an ever-growing team. All employees of Tesla are granted stock, even down to the staffers on the factory floors. Contact USAFIS if you want to immigrate to the U.S. for work. You and your family can live the American Dream!