Median Yearly Salary in US Energy Sector Hits $123,000

As paychecks go, Big Oil now ranks as the best for U.S. employees. Due partly to the shale boom, the average pay for energy workers last year reached $123,000, according to information newly mandated by the U.S. That soared above all other sectors, including tech, health care, and utilities. Even though the energy chief executives made an astonishing 120 times more, the divide between their employees was the second-smallest among all sectors. If you are looking for a well-paid job, consider contacting USAFIS. They will help you when filing your Green Card Lottery application.

The strong paychecks are fueled by petroleum engineers, geologists, and other very skilled, well-paid professionals. Also, in addition, is the need to lure young talent and retain those with expertise, after the recent oil price debacle caused thousands of job losses. Bill Arnold, a professor at Houston’s Rice University and a former executive for Royal Dutch Shell Plc, said, “They had to retain critical employees at almost any cost. Companies had little managerial flexibility.”

Gas and oil companies are basically paying out now for two huge hiring dips that followed price crashes in the mid-1980’s and again in the middle of the 2000’s. Businesses have had to play catchup, even as the crude prices improve and new records are being set with drilling surges. The goal at USAFIS is to help immigrants on their journey to a better life. They can walk you through the steps of U.S. immigration so that you can relocate as soon as possible.