Medical Exam Requirements When Meeting at the U.S. Consulate

In preparation for your interview at the U.S. Consulate, it is important that you and members of your family have medical exams completed, which includes vaccinations. The exam must be performed by a qualified physician who is listed on the Panel Physicians for your country. If your exam is conducted by someone who is not authorized, the documents will not be accepted by the consul.

The experts at USAFIS explain that the following items should be covered in the medical exams:

  • Chest x-ray
  • Medical history of all applicants
  • Blood tests
  • Physical exam that includes heart, skin, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, ears, extremities, lymph nodes, abdomen, and external genitalia.

Most of the time, children who are fifteen years and younger do not have to take the blood tests and chest x-rays.

It is important to take all of your past medical records including previous chest x-rays and all vaccination and immunization records, as well as your laissez-passer, passport, travel document, or identity card. There will be a fee for the physical examinations, which you will be required to pay. Therefore, check ahead of time to find out the cost for your exam/s. Contact USAFIS if you have questions about the medical exam requirements.