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Midwest Region Is a Good Place to Seek US Employment
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its report about the United States regions with the best job markets

Surprisingly it was not the coastal cities as most would think. Ames, Iowa, has the best US job market with only a 1.7 percent unemployment rate. Four other regions on the report are in Iowa and three in Idaho. Idaho Falls, Idaho, ranked second with an unemployment rate of two percent. Iowa City, Iowa, also had a two percent jobless rate.

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Des Moines, Dubuque, and Sioux City, all cities in Iowa, made the Best 20 Jobs Market report. New Hampshire, Maine, and Hawaii are the only three states ranked not in the Midwest. The state with the highest unemployment is Yuma, Arizona, with El Centro, California close behind. The latest data showed US job growth slowed slightly, but the unemployment rate fell another .02 percent to 3.7 percent.

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