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More Americans Are Studying Math and Science at College

The US saw a one million student increase with a bachelor’s degree in computers, math, or statistics since 2009

Students in America are following the money when choosing which major to study. The number who studied languages and literature dropped 0.4 percent, and those who studied history and liberal arts dropped 0.7 percent as a share of the total. These changes will benefit the US labor market, which is experiencing a shortage of tech, science, math, and engineering talent. The government is predicting faster-than-average job growth in these STEM fields. The major shift may also show an increased awareness in the years after the 2007-2009 recession of the value of a college degree and the relevance it brings to the workforce.

Math and tech-related degrees lead to the most substantial salaries, according to The Census data reported business is still the most popular field of study, maintaining one-fifth of undergraduate students. The number of students who continued with education after high school took a sharp decline since 2009, going from 13.7 percent to 12.2 percent of the total.

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