Olga Krivosheeva: “USAFIS gave me a great service and helped me win the Green Card Lottery”

One of the Green Card Lottery winners is Olga Krivosheeva, who won the DV-2017.

Here is Olga’s testimonial about USAFIS organization:

“The first time I heard about USAFIS organization was thorugh the Internet. I left my details and they contact me back a few days later. USAFIS helped me during the registration process, and thanks to them I did it well and won the Green Card Lottery. The moment my name showed up on the winners list, I recieved a call from USAFIS, who informed me I won the Lottery. It was a very exciting moment for me.

I also recieved an English CD and learning books so I improved my english thanks to the services the organization gave me during the process. I really recommend USAFIS for all of those people who are willing to get a Green Card.”