Reasons that Green Card Lottery Winners Don’t Finish the Process

USAFIS helps thousands of people fill out their applications for the Green Card Lottery. That’s why it’s hard to imagine that people actually win the Green Card Lottery and then don’t finish the process to get their Green Cards.

How and why would this happen? Here are some of the most common reasons:



  • Misunderstanding the instructions on the government forms.
  • Making mistakes on the required forms – they misspell names, give inconsistent answers, and provide other discrepancies that cause delays.


  • Not providing the correct documents for work experience or education.
  • Failing to provide police reports.


  • Failing to pay proper fees that are required.
  • Inability to financially support oneself or family.


  • Failing to show up for Green Card interview.
  • Failing to correctly answer questions by the U.S. Consul Advisor.


  • Unreported criminal records, immigration violations, overstays in the U.S., or unauthorized employment.

USAFIS wants to make sure that you move on to the next steps of the process after being admitted to the Green Card Lottery. Contact USAFIS today to see how they can help you.