The Top 10 Big Cities to Start a Business in the USA


One advantage of living in America is being able to own your own business and support yourself and your family. Depending on where you live in the USA can make a big difference in making your venture successful. WalletHub, a financial website, looked closely at 182 cities and rated them on three areas: access to resources, business costs, and business environment. You can live your dream in America by contacting USAFIS for help in the immigration process. They can make sure you properly fill out the Green Card Lottery application correctly as to speed up the process.


The number one best large city to start a business in the USA is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Sooner State is a friendly one, and the mix of economic pluses and perks make it a fantastic place to start a business. Austin, Texas, is a great place to start your own business in the USA. Ranking third is Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The city has a focus on community, giving it a small-town feel, but you do not have to give up big-city amenities. The fourth-ranked city is Missoula, Montana. Durham, North Carolina, is the fifth top city to start a business. The next top towns are as follows: Bismarck, North Dakota; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Billings, Montana; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Raleigh, North Carolina. In the study by WalletHub, it was found that Lewiston, Maine, has the cheapest office spaces and Irvine, California, has the most educated population. USAFIS can help you when applying for the Green Card Lottery. Contact them today!

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