Top States to Work in the USA

You’ve heard location is everything in the real estate business. It is also a pivotal element in searching for a job.

According to WalletHub, a personal finance site, finding a great job is easier in some states than in others.

pexels-photo-416405They based their findings on four factors: median annual income, unemployment rate, the share of employees with private health insurance, and the number of workers living below the poverty line.

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WalletHub also gave each state an employment outlook score. The score is based on how many workplaces are increasing or decreasing the number of workers they employ. The highest score possible is 42.

Washington has a median salary of $57,014 with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. Employees with health insurance stood at 81.3% with an employment outlook of five.

Colorado’s median salary stands at $59,382. The unemployment rate is 5.1% and employees with health insurance are 79.4%. This state’s employment outlook has a score of 16.

Minnesota ranks number six for employment outlook with the median salary at $60,823. The unemployment rate is at 3.7% with an employment outlook of five.

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Vermont, which is state #12, has an employment outlook of 42, the highest possible score. The median salary is $45,078 the low unemployment rate is 3.3%, and 79% of employees have health insurance.

Connecticut has an unemployment rate of 5.1% but 82.8% of employers have health insurance. The median salary is $45,078. Utah, coming in at 13th place, rated a two on the employment outlook score. The median salary is $65,439 and the unemployment rate is 3.4%.

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